Solutio™ catheter

CAUTION: For investigational use only. The Solutio catheter has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not available for sale in the USA.

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MedVasc selected to join accelerator powered by Medtronic

August 30, 2023
MedVasc has been selected to join prestigious medtech ac  MedVasc has been selected as 1 of 11 international medtech startups to learn from Medtronic and MedLim partners how to accelerate commercialization.  It…

Successful closing of SEK 3 million investment round

August 30, 2023
MedVasc has closed an investment round of 3 M SEK. The investors include several Life science investors such as Life Science Invest Gamma, but…

Medvasc’s patent portfolio has been granted in key licensing markets

January 20, 2023
In the fall of 2022, the patent authorities of India, Canada, and Brazil announced that they intend to grant MedVasc’s patent. MedVasc’s patent portfolio…

Changing the anesthesia procedure

With only one injection, instead of several injections through the skin, the Solutio catheter deploys local anesthesia from inside the vein, making the anesthesia procedure less painful for the patient, and more efficient for the clinician. The technology is developed from a clinical need and our first-in-man proved Solutio to be safe to use while significantly lowering pain in the process of deploying local anesthesia prior to performing thermal ablation of varicose veins. The Solutio catheter is compatible with a vast amount of treatment catheters in the market.

The Solutio catheter

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Based on years of experience

MedVasc AB was founded in 2013 by Michael Åkesson and has during the last years, developed a final prototype, been granted patents and trademarks in all prioritized markets, and performed a first-in-man clinical study. During 2023 MedVasc have initiated the FDA 510k process to gain a regulatory pathway towards FDA clearance.

Dr. Michael Åkesson – Board Member, Founder and CMO