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We appreciate your interest in our company and we are dedicated to providing all our current and future investors with timely and transparent information. If you have any questions, regarding our traction, investment strategy or future opportunities for investment, please feel free to reach out to CEO Cathrin Johansson.

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Latest news

SolutioTM featured on stage at the European Venous Forum in Athens

July 1, 2024
Our founder Dr. Michael Åkesson was invited to present the results from our first-in-man clinical study at the European Venous Forum in Athens last…

Vinnova awards MedVasc a grant for a better understanding of reimbursement in the US

May 24, 2024
MedVasc has been awarded a grant of SEK 135,000 from Vinnova (Swedish Innovation Agency) to enhance the company’s understanding of the reimbursement landscape in…

SolutioTM featured on center stage at 2024 International Venous Conference

May 3, 2024
MedVasc anesthesia catheter SolutioTM gained attention during 2024 International Venous Conference as renowned KOL Dr. Lowell Kabnick gave a talk about next-generation venous devices:   …