January 20, 2023

Medvasc’s patent portfolio has been granted in key licensing markets

In the fall of 2022, the patent authorities of India, Canada, and Brazil announced that they intend to grant MedVasc’s patent.

MedVasc’s patent portfolio is strengthened by the announcements relating to the company’s medical device, the anesthesia catheter SolutioTM. SolutioTM minimizes the pain when performing the gold standard treatment methods for treating varicose veins and is expected to reach the market in 2025.

“We note with pleasure that our patent is granted in important markets, it shows the strength of the patent. The company’s patent portfolio has already been granted in the USA, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and Russia and we are waiting for the final announcement from China shortly,” says Dr. Michael Åkesson, founder and board member of MedVasc.

MedVasc’s strong patent portfolio combined with a protected trademark worldwide creates good conditions for licensing and future development of additional medical applications.