Simplifies local anesthesia and treatment

MedVASC AB introduces an innovative treatment procedure with only one cut through the patient’s skin and a single catheter introduced into their vein. It encloses both a laser fibre (or electrode in RFA) and an anesthetic needle. Our device Solutio operates the needle and punctures the vein wall to numb the surrounding tissue. Then, the ablation is performed on the anesthetized section.

Reduces pain


Anesthesia will be administered from within the vein, eliminating the pain connected with the standard injections from the surface of the skin.

Faster treatment and reduced staffing needs

The surgery time is reduced by a half with no need for a special step for tumescent anesthesia administration. The post-operative care is reduced to less than 15 min, so the overall stay at the clinic should not be longer than 1.5 h. In addition, the need for health care personnel monitoring the sedation will be reduced.

Explaining Solutio. In swedish

Visual explanation of Solutio