Our team

Michael Åkesson

Founder & board member

Michael is a senior consultant of interventional radiology and has an experience of over twenty years with catheter based treatments and diagnosis. Previously he had the appointment as Head of the Division of Endovascular Surgery at the Vascular Department, University Hospital SUS Malmö. Now he works as a senior consultant at the Scandinavian Venous Centre, Malmö. He is the main owner of MedVASC AB and the inventor behind Solutio. Michael has a long experience in developing and testing new catheters for endovascular techniques. Michael is attached as a researcher to the Department of Clinical Science at the University of Lund. He is the cashier of the Seldinger Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology and a fellow of CIRSE.

Cathrin Johansson


Eric Wahlberg

Chair of the board

Lisa Warnroth

Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Mats Nilsson

Board member

Mats is a lawyer with 26 years of profession experience and is a partner at MAQS Law Firm in Malmö. Mats is also a member of several board of directors, of which several are in so-called start-ups. In addition, he is a member of the board of the Southern Division of the Swedish Bar Association. He is, through his experience of board work in start-up companies, used to deal with typical problems at different stages of a company’s life cycle, from start-up to established company. Through his legal expertise, he is used to deal with all kinds of legal problems and he is also an experienced negotiator in business situations.

Peter Marcusson

Board member

Anders Lundell


Dr Lundell is the owner and Operations Manager of Scandinavian Venous Centre, Malmö and Gothenburg, thereby providing the project with patients for the clinical study. Furthermore, with skilled staff and equipment which supports the project in its clinical and scientific implementation.

Jonas Tynnerstål

R&D Manager

US Advisory Board

Stephen P. Murray


Trained in classical vascular surgery at the University of San Francisco and made the full transition to endovascular techniques as one of the first endovascular fellows in the United States in 2000, Dr. Murray has been caring for arterial and venous patients since the early 1980s.

Dr. Lowell Kabnick

Chancellor of Vein & Lymphatic University

Dr. Kabnick, a world-renowned surgeon and teacher, is the Chancellor of Vein & Lymphatic University, an educational organization dedicated to advancing education of venous disease and treatment.  He presently serves as an Associate Reviews Editor of the Journal of Phlebology.  He is the past Vice President and Chair of The Congress and Events Committee for the International Union of Phlebology (UIP), the Past President of the American Venous Forum (AVF) and American Venous Forum Foundation (AVFF)and the Former Director of the New York University Vein Center.

Dr. Karem Harth

Associate Professor of Surgery

Dr. Harth is a Vascular Surgeon and Associate Professor of surgery at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. She is the medical director of the Harrington Heart and Vascular Institute Center for Comprehensive Venous Care and co-Director of the Vascular Laboratories. She is an active member of multiple societies including the American Venous Forum on which she serves on several committees. Her practice is primarily focused on complex superficial and deep venous disease.

Dr. Natalie Marks

Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine and Vascular Medicine attending at New York University Langone Hospital – Brooklyn, New York, and Total Vascular Care, PLLC.

Dr. Marks is an internationally recognized vascular medicine specialist for her many scientific contributions to the field of vascular medicine and vascular ultrasound. She had published over 120 scientific articles in referred journals, had written close to 20 chapters in medical textbooks, and had given over 150 invited lectures at various national and international vascular congresses.
Dr. Marks spent years of her clinical and academic career developing techniques to use ultrasound instead of fluoroscopy during various arterial interventions. She is considered one of the creators of the field of ultrasound guided arterial procedures.
Dr Marks is a Co-Chair of the AVID Symposium on vascular ultrasound within the VEITH symposium, the largest non-societal meeting for vascular specialist in the world. She is also a member of the Assessment Committee for the Physician Vascular Interpretation certification program.

Peter F. Lawrence

M.D. Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, emeritus, Director of Gonda Vascular Center, emeritus, UCLA

Dr. Lawrence has published over 300 articles, editorials, and book chapters related to aneurysms, limb salvage, and venous disease. He recently completed his term as the senior editor of the four Journal of Vascular Surgery Journals, and he has been president of six societies, including the Society for Vascular Surgery, the nation’s largest vascular society with over 6,000 members, as well as the Association for Surgical Education, the Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery, and the chair of the SVS Vascular Disease Foundation.